Congratulations on your decision to circumcise your son and provide a lifetime of benefits to him.

As parents, we all desire safety and well-being for our children. At Novadien Healthcare, we understand that the decision to circumcise your son may be due to medical, religious, or traditional reasons. Whatever the reason is, the benefits of circumcision are indisputable and have been well documented and backed by scientific research

"Circumplast is the safest method for circumcision"

There are many methods which are available to have your son circumcised. These methods can be classified into single-use devices, multiple-use devices and straight surgery. Multiple-use devices such as the Mogen Clamp and Gomco Clamp have inherit risks of infection since they must be re-sterilised prior to each use. The Plastibell is the most common single-use device being used around the world today and has been in use since the 1950's. There are very well known complications that are associated with the use of the Plastibell device which have been studied and published in journals such as "Bode CO et al., Penile injuries from proximal migration of the plastibell circumcision ring, J Pediatr Urol (2009), doi:10.1016/j.jpurol.2009.05.011"

The animation below gives you an overview of the procedure and what to expect when your son undergoes a circumcision using Circumplast:


The table below compares the most common methods used for circumcisions:

Circumplast is the safest method for circumcision. It is based on a simple and well tested method which has now been perfected.